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Building A Business Website That Works

Does your website have a job description? Before you build a new website (or revamp an old one), it’s vital that you take time to consider what you need your site to do for your business.  I find the easiest way to do this is to sit down with a piece of paper and list all the…

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How Can a Professional Copywriter Help Your Business?

benefits of using a professional copywriter

Who needs a copywriter? Many business owners, especially when they are starting out, believe that they have to do everything themselves.  Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Finance – the list is endless. You can’t be an expert at everythingMost business owners would admit that being able to work a calculator doesn’t make them an accountant, so why…

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Is your website legit?

The internet is the new high street and your website, the shop window into which the whole world can peer. This is a fantastic opportunity, but there are a number of common compliance pitfalls that can trap the unwary. Falling foul of these can damage your business reputation and cost you money.  With a website,…

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Common Grammatical Errors and How to Avoid Them

Thanks to the wonderful guys at Copyblogger for creating and sharing this eye-catching infographic which set’s out 15 common grammatical mistakes and shows you how to avoid making them. it’s a “must read” for everyone who creates content on the web. Read and learn!

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Ecommerce – how to build trust online

In the word of face to face transactions, there are elements essential for converting leads to customers. They need to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST us. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same applies in the world of e-commerce and online sales. The problem is that it is harder to establish these three crucial…

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To improve search rankings focus on quality content first

When it comes to working out what to do to improve search rankings, you need to remember that Google never stands still. What worked to get your website up the rankings last year is becoming less and less effective. Whilst Google keeps their search criteria close to their chest, all the evidence points to an increasing…

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My website copy – should I use the pre-filled content?

Are you thinking of using 1&1’s My Website service? A recent TV advertising campaign by major web hosting company 1&1 has been heavily promoting their sector specific off the peg website creation tool My Website Now I’m not a web designer so I cannot comment on how good the templates actually look or how “search…

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