Here's what our clients say

Thank you Gavin

We've been using Gavin for numerous occasions and me and my team are very impressed with his professionalism, attitude and attention to our clients needs. I would highly recommend Gavin to everyone! Five stars!

Edward Zarkovas

Why do we keep using Gavin Meikle for our copywriting needs?

We have been using the copywriting services of Gavin since January 2014 and during that time we have requested copywriting for a variety of projects including web pages, landing pages, press releases, newsletters and various other projects. Without fail Gavin has not only come up with the goods but very often it has been less than 24 hours from the time we request copy to receiving the first draft, which usually only requires a few minor tweaks.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Gavin to anyone who is considering the services of a copywriter.

Inter-Activ and Gavin create great copy

I would recommend Gavin on any copy writing you need. I was looking for short concise customer introductions, and I got this and more. Gavin managed bring the customers to life rather than a bland description.

Putting my company's message into words

I found Gavin extremely effective in taking the message of my company and putting it into words that people can understand while maintaining our ethos and staying on brand.

Gavin is also very versatile. I felt confident that he could handle the different modes of communication I am using such as putting together a script for an animated explainer video and a press release.

The Web Copy Doc is now my outsourced communication department.

James Poet
BBX Angels CIC

Sales Letter Testimonial

Many thanks for writing this fantastic piece of letter for me. This is more professional now. I really appreciate it.

I will be in touch for future assistance.

Asfandyar Subhan
MyCupCorn Ltd

Really encourages you to read on...

Hi Gavin just to let you know the website has been updated with your
My partner (who is an academic and is very particular) has just been singing your praises. "It really gets a sense of your personality" "It reads really well"
"Just the right amount of informality, you feel as if you know you after reading it"
I totally agree, especially the bit about reading it, you really want to read more fella, I found that when I was researching your past work. your writing encourages you to read on!

Thanks again Gavin, will be in touch soon with the brief for the commercial site.
Best wishes.

Quality work as usual

We've been working with Gavin for a number of years now and he delivers excellent quality work every time

I needed flyers edited and updated urgently.

Gavin was excellent to work with very excellent quick service. He even worked through the weekend which helped me to meet my deadline.


Website copy for Business Consultant

“I asked Gavin to write some copy for my website earlier this year. I've known Gavin through networking for a couple of years and I knew the quality of his work so it wasn't a difficult decision. He took the time to really understand my business and understand what I wanted to say. He also did a lot of research into the right keywords so it complemented the SEO on the website as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gavin to anyone else.”

June 26, 2012


Simon Whitbread
Allsorts Consulting

I have read the newsletters and they are fab!

Hi Gavin

I have read the newsletters and they are fab!  
Thank you so much for this, it is exactly the Yescando attitude that I wanted to put across in these.
Thanks again for another brilliant job, much appreciated! 🙂
Sam Roberts