Scripts For Talking Head & Animated Explainer Videos

Video on websites is becoming increasingly popular because of it’s proven ability to increase the time people spend on your site.

A professionally scripted web video will improve the number of visitors who become customers.

Whether you want an animated “explainer videos” or a talking head video, the words you, or your voiceover actors, say are critical to the success of your video. That’s where our web video scriptwriting service comes in.

Here’s an example of a web video which we scripted for one of our regular customers, Marla Custom Blinds.  

They needed a script for a talking head video to promote their custom blind fitting franchise and we wrote the script for them.  The filming and editing for this video were done by

We start by taking the time to understand the purpose of your web video.  Only then can we write a draft web video script for you to check. We’ll work with you to tweak the script until it conveys the right messages  to your target client group. Our web video scriptwriting service can also save you time and money by reducing the need for costly reshoots.

We also work with web developers and web video film-makers who use our web video scriptwriting service to make sure that their clients get the most effective web video possible.

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