benefits of using a professional copywriter

Who needs a copywriter?

Many business owners, especially when they are starting out, believe that they have to do everything themselves.  Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Finance – the list is endless.

You can’t be an expert at everything
Most business owners would admit that being able to work a calculator doesn’t make them an accountant, so why should having a basic ability to write give you the ability to craft clear, concise, compelling, content that is laser targeted towards a specific audience.   

You can’t be an expert at everything

It’s true that such an approach appears to give you total control over every element of your business but, in my experience, and in that of many of my clients, it’s also a recipe for disaster. 

Doing things you are not good at wastes precious time

I know this sounds harsh, but before you stop reading, give me a chance to explain. Have you ever watched someone try to do something that you find effortless?   It’s painful, right?

Why? because anyone who is good at something can do it quickly and easily. 

Now imagine you are the person struggling to do something. Think of how long it takes you to complete the task.  Think of the mental effort and concentration required. Think of all the mistakes you made and the time spent correcting them. Finally think of the difference in quality between your attempt, and that of “a professional” 

Now I am not saying that, with research, practice and perhaps a training course or ten, you couldn’t improve, but do you have the time or the inclination?  What happens to the myriad of other tasks on your to-do list in the meantime?  And how long will your newfound skill last if you are not practising it regularly?

Discover the hidden benefits of using a pro

  • More time -We free up time for you to focus on the things you do best
  • More Progress – We do the things that you’ve been putting off
  • Less worry and stress – We do the stuff you hate
  • Increased profit -We add value by boosting enquiries and sales

What can a copywriter like me do for you?

  • Create fresh, appealing; search engine optimised content to populate a new website or refresh an old one
  • Research and develop engaging Articles, Blogs and Social Media posts designed to boost your brand
  • Write clear, concise and compelling sales emails and letters such as special offers, customer referral schemes, and new product/service announcements

Next steps?

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