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Web Copy Mistakes

Common Grammatical Errors and How to Avoid Them

Thanks to the wonderful guys at Copyblogger for creating and sharing this eye-catching infographic which set’s out 15 common grammatical mistakes and shows you how to avoid making them. it’s a “must read” for everyone who creates content on the web. Read and learn! Help us spread the word

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My website copy – should I use the pre-filled content?

Are you thinking of using 1&1’s My Website service? A recent TV advertising campaign by major web hosting company 1&1 has been heavily promoting their sector specific off the peg website creation tool My Website Now I’m not a web designer so I cannot comment on how good the templates actually look or how “search…

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How to avoid common web copy mistakes

It’s all very well having a page that ranks highly on Google but all your efforts (and expenditure!)  are wasted if that page doesn’t influence the reader to take some positive action such as calling you, asking for a quote or signing up for your newsletter.   The technical term for this is conversion, and it’s the…

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