Writing Compelling Website Copy is Our Passion

Hello, my name is Gavin Meikle, and I am the Web Copy Doctor.

I  specialise in helping people like you create great copy for websites, newsletters, brochures and flyers.

My background is in sales, psychology, NLP and influence.  I started out with an interest human behaviour.  I was fascinated by what factors affect how humans respond, particularly in face-to-face situations.

With the development of the internet and the online marketplace, I turned my attention to what influences our buying behaviours on the web. I began with lots of research, followed by experimentation on my website and then people started asking me to help them with their web copy.

To date, I have written the content for over 50 websites and you can see some examples of my copywriting work on the copywriting and online content portfolio page.

Contact me today to discover how I create web copy that get’s you more business from your website.

An Interview with Gavin for Wired Wessex

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